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Older packaging methods like multi-ply paper sacks, cotton bags, jute bags, etc had been used to cart away agricultural produce and industrial products. Due to the inadequacy of these packaging methods to withstand various atmospheric conditions, much of the produce spoils to the financial loss and frustration of the farmers and producers. A heavy loss occurs to the economy through the non-utilization of the available agro-based raw materials inputs, great fluctuation in prices of food stuff and industrial products etc is the result.

Polypropylene sacks are suitable for almost all the products that have used paper sacks,cotton bags, jute bags for packaging. These sacks are better suited for storage due to their strength, durability and ability to withstand water and pests.

The use of polypropylene sacks is steadily increasing in the agricultural and manufacturing sector, with increasing agricultural yields and related industries, the scope of the industry is increasing.

Synthetic Woven sacks made from HDPE or PP are one of the bulk packaging materials. These sacks are presently being used for packaging of bulk commodities like cement, fertilizers and some other applications like sugar, salt, chemicals, wheat flour, starch, poultry products, bulk drugs etc.

They are are immune to the effect of corrosion, decay, moisture, atmosphere, rats,rodents, moths and insects. Being superior in quality and economic as compared to the traditional jute material,these modern sacks have gradually captured a large market.

The manufacturing process of laminated HDPE woven sacks involves four major operations which maintain continuity from the raw material or HDPE granules stage to the finished product stage.These operations are as follows:

1. Production of mono-axially oriented tapes in the extruder and auxiliary equipment.
2. Processing of the tapes thus produced in textile equipment and machinery to obtain the woven material or fabric.
3. Extrusion coating/laminating the out coming woven material with low density polyethylene in the extrusion coating/laminating plant.
4. Cutting and stitching the laminated woven material into the required sizes and finally printing the name,trade mark etc. of the agency whose product is to be packed on the sack to obtain the final or finished product.

The major raw material needed is Polypropylene grain and the major machinery required for manufacturing woven sacks is as under:

• Extrusion Tape Lines for Raffia Tape Manufacture
• Circular Weaving Machines
• Laminating Machines
• Cutting Machine
• Stiching Machines
• Printing Machines
Nigeria has a large,growing and sustainable market for Polypropylene sacks.

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