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Fruits are natural staple food of man containing essential nutrients in adequate proportion. Fruits are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They are easily digested and bring about a cleansing effect on the blood and the digestive tract. Hence, the ailments usually caused by the consumption of unnatural foods can easily be treated with fruits. Apart from being a very good source of food, fruits are also good medicine.

In Nigeria, about 930,000 tons of citrus fruits are produced annually from an estimated hectarage of 3 million hectares of land. Citrus is grown in the rainforest and guinea savannah, most of these farmlands is in the remote part of the country with poor roads. 

About 30-50% of these citrus fruit get spoilt on the way before getting to the final consumers in the urban centres. Citrus fruits are the highest value fruit crop in terms of international trade. There are two main markets for citrus fruit; the fresh fruit market and the processed citrus fruits market (mainly orange juice). Same could be said for other fruits produced in Nigeria.

Fruit juices are served at occasions such as, wedding, burial, house warming, seminars, workshops, and so on.  The national demand for fruit juices is estimated at 550 million litres, while current supply is less than 25% of the demand.  Popular brands of fruit juices in Nigerian markets are: Frutta, Edge, 5 Alive, Chivita, Fumman, Dansa, Fan juice, Chi Exotic, Lloyd’s fruit squeeze, Dudu, Cyway natural drink, etc.  Common packaging is tetra pak, can, bottle (plastic and glass) and pouches.

The recommended minimum daily requirement of fruit juice has been estimated at 75mg. Our present intake in Nigeria is still below this daily requirement.

Fresh fruit juice is one of the chief sources of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), required for the proper functioning of body’s inter cellular materials. It prevents some diseases from occurring. Deficiency of vitamin C leads to scurvy (bleeding of teeth gums) and failure of the body to form corrective tissue fibres. In this regard, establishment of fruit juice processing factory will contribute immensely towards the improvement of our health care delivery.

Establishment of fruit juice processing factory will greatly solve the problems of food preservation in Nigeria. This feasibility report is to examine the financial viability or otherwise of establishing a pineapple juice production plant in Nigeria.

The production capacity of the proposed business is 3,181,000 packs of 33 cl bottle per annum at 70% of the installed capacity.

Report Details:

Report Type: Pre- Feasibility Report

Formats of Delivery: PDF / MS WORD

No. of Pages: 36 Pages

Publisher: Foraminifera Market Research

Release Date: 30/08/2015

Language: English

Delivery time: 24– 48hours

Table of Contents:


1.0 Business Overview

1.1 Description of the Business
1.2 Vision and Mission Statement
1.3 Business Objective
1.4 Critical Success Factor of the Business
1.5 Current Status of Business
1.6 Description of the Business Industry
1.7 Contribution to Local and National Economy

2. Marketing Plan

2.1 Description of product
2.2 Product Packaging and delivery
2.3 The Opportunity
2.4 Pricing Strategy
2.5 Target Market
2.6 Distribution and Delivery Strategy
2.7 Promotional Strategy
2.8 Competition

3. Production Plan

3.1 Description of the Location
3.2 Raw Materials
3.3 Production Equipment
3.4 Production Process
3.5 Production Cost
3.6 Stock Control Process
3.7 Pre-Operating activities and expenses
3.7.1 Operating Activities and Expenses
3.8 Project Implementation Schedule

4.0 Organizational and Management Plan

4.1 Ownership of the business
4.2 Profile of the promoters
4.3 Key Management Staff
4.3.2 Management Support Units
4.4 Details of salary schedule

5. Financial Plan

5.1 Financial Assumption
5.2 Start up Capital Estimation
5.3 Source of Capital
5.4 Security of Loan
5.5 Loan Repayment Plan
5.6 Profit and Loss Account
5.7 Cash Flow Analysis
5.7 Viability Analysis

6.0 Business Risk and mitigation factor

6.1 Business Risks
6.2 SWOT Analysis

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