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From June, 2013 Foraminifera Market Research would start publishing our E- magazine. The magazine would focus on investment and business opportunity in Nigeria. Be the first to get hot investment and business opportunities in Nigeria by subscribing to our E- Magazine, Investing in Nigeria.


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Real estate opportunities in Nigeria have been given a boost with the launch of Nigeria Business Place, an online forum dedicated to business in Nigeria.

Do you provide real estate services in Nigeria or that can be served in Nigeria? Do you seek for investment or employment opportunities in Nigeria, Nigeria Business Place would give you an edge over your competitors.

Get to meet other interest parties discussing investment opportunities in Nigeria, doing business in Nigeria, employment and real estate opportunities, stock market, exportation, importation, mining, agriculture, economy, commodities trading in Nigeria and many more.

Real estate business in Nigeria through Nigeria Business Place is surely a great experience.

Nigeria Business Place {NBP} also seeks to make doing real estate opportunities in Nigeria an easy task by creating and serving as the right platform and network for the announcement of government policy directions as it affects the Nigerian economy for the benefit of both local and international businesses and investors in order to create the right investment environment and synergy .

We also hope to aid doing real estate opportunities in Nigeria through public-private sector partnership (PPP) by leveraging on the strength of both parties in the provision of socio-economic infrastructure for the benefit of all.

Since our forum focuses real estate business amongst other businesses in Nigeria, We have provided some resource for the benefit of our members, which can be seen on the resource page. Members need to forward a request to us for any of the business to be forwarded to them.

Seeking real estate opportunities in Nigeria or just want to market your product? Do visit ,register and start your rewarding contributions.

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In keeping with our vision of providing services that adds value to our clients business and resources to develop their business into a strong and visible global brand, we would like to introduce to you to our sister websites {The one stop for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria}     {Marketing and Sales of Market Intelligence Report}    {Online Business Forum}

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